Excerpt from :The White Resistance Manifesto

Never will we have peace in America until the foreign, despicable, and oppressive system’s presence is removed, leaving the White race to control our own affairs and determine our own destiny as a free people. Free in mind, free in body, disparate and distinct physically, culturally, and economically.

I am a White man born of a rising generation of determination wholly rooted with the unquenchable desire for freedom in our sacred Homeland. Armed resistance against the system is justified in achieving this goal. It is better to die fighting our enemies and battling for freedom to attain our own country than to live under this evil system. Freedom is worth fighting for, for even if we perish our children will reap the benefits of our sacrifice.

“Violence” is the unlawful use of force, so I don’t accept this term “violence.” I maintain that force used against the system is legitimate and justified by the circumstances that prevail today. Force is the means to an end. Who reading this objects to our taking back power in America by ballot in one hand and an AR-15 in the other? Ultimately we know assimilation into the system means our extinction, so we must fight, we must survive, and we must prevail against ZOG. There is no reconciliation.