Welcome to Nordic Order Knights

Welcome to Nordic Order KnightsWelcome to Nordic Order Knights

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Nordic Order Knights of the Ku Klux Klan


After much thought and discussion, a decision was made to resurrect the NOK and return as a voice and brotherhood of the Invisible Empire. Our Lord and Savior told Nicodemus that he must be “born again” to enter his kingdom, and in a organizational sense we have been reborn into our earthly Empire.

With regret we understand that our our reputation and very Name has been tarnished and smeared in the eyes of our brethren. After our founding member and IW retired to focus more on his family life we were left to try to find our new identity and future direction. Unfortunately, things spiraled out of control, and we sadly watched our Order fall from grace into disarray and into the “grave”.

For most of us, there was nothing we could do to prevent the inevitable fall of our once Noble Klan. We may have been lost, but it was an unforeseen path to find ourselves again. In time, our respected and beloved founder, passed on the NOK to two members he trusted would rebuild and restore the Nordic Order back into the Invisible Empire. In time a third member returned and in unity with the other two helped roll away the tomb stone, so like our savior, we could step out of the grave into the life of a new Order.

Paul tells us that when someone is “born again” he is a “new creation”. In the same manner we return as a group different than the one that passed away. Our foundation is built on the honorable example and teachings of our founder and retired IW, but at the same time we humbly recognize the need to change and press forward in a new direction. As we move forward, we do so keeping in mind that the Nordic Orders primary existence is not for our own gratification or some lust for power - Not for self, but others.

We are looking for like minded people to join us in service of the Invisible Empire and our race, but our ranks will not be compromised for the sake of numbers. We are interested in Quality not Quantity. We want men and women with strong ethics, morals, and loyalty. We don’t expect anyone to be perfect, but do expect our people to strive to live a life consistent with the teachings of the Ku Klux Klan.

The Nordic Order Knights will not tolerate lifestyles that are contrary to what we stand for. If your life revolves around drugs and alcohol abuse then we don’t need you. PERIOD! We are not interested in “tough guys” who go home and beat on their wife or children. If you abuse women and children your gender identity is probably female. If you are looking to join so you can get a rank and use that power to belittle or push your own agenda - go find another group. This is not a gang and any attempt to cause infighting in the NOK or with other Klans- will be dealt with swift and harshly. We expect prospects to have a full time job. Of course there are exceptions- retirees, stay at home moms, or a legitimate excuse of why you can’t work full time. This is not a welfare Klan. If you don’t have the ambition to work to support yourself or family then you don’t have enough ambition to be a member. If you are someone who can’t live in society without going to jail every six months - go join the Bloods or Crips. Our current members work for a living and our top priority is taking care of our women and children. 

If you believe you would fit well with us then we would love to hear from you. If your lifestyle isn’t consistent with our expectations and are thinking about trying to “sneak” in our ranks anyway - DON’T. If you are interested but feel like you fall short in one area or another...let us know. If you are willing to change we will help and support you through whatever you need help with.

To our fellow Klansmen and LOTIEs - We extend an open hand of fellowship to you. We thank you for your service and dedication to our race. We are not here to try to “poach” your members, and will not actively try to recruit from your ranks to steal your members. We have seen enough infighting to last a lifetime, and we are sick of it. We want no part of any feuds among other Klans and will not interfere or intentionally stick our nose where is doesn’t belong. Infighting is a disease and many times the trouble starts over some petty personal problem between two people and it escalates from there. We are focused on bettering ourselves. We are NOT here to find your faults and gossip about it like schoolgirls. If trouble comes to us we will respond appropriately, but until then we stand in unity with you all. 


For God, Race and Nation!