Stand with us, stand behind us or get the f@#k out of they way

2018 brings new ideas, strategies, plans and goals for the NOK

Our Lordship has demanded a cohesive plan to fix and streamline inner and outer workings of the NOK 

Dont forget may 5th memorial rally in Tennessee 

1/8/18 upcoming airing of new talk show on talkshoe featuring “KIGYMAN and CAPTAIN CONFEDERATE” tune in for the fun

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Antifa Supporters: Because They are too STUPID to Learn History —

This is what the left thinks of free speech. These useful idiot leftists fear sunlight like Dracula. Look at the eyes on this jackass. He is stoned and calling everyone he doesn’t agree with a racist. After watching this commie slime bucket for a while, I decided that the problem, with these anti-fascist rats is […]

via Antifa Supporters: Because They are too STUPID to Learn History —

Member meeting in Tennessee today went great

Hung out with some of the Tennessee crew cooked some hot dogs cracked open a couple beers, talked about upcoming events in Tennessee and Nationwide we’re going to do all we can to make those events and spread klannishness, put Raymond picture on the side of a milk carton he’s missing again, don’t forget we have the memorial rally coming up for IW Gary Delp in May